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Modulo Reproductor Mp3 Wav Para Arduin0, Raspberry y PIC


Reproductor de MP3 especial para proyectos donde se requiera reproducir mensajes, identificar voz, reproducir musica, etc

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This module with MP3 mode, key mode(control 3 group of voice with volume adjustment or 5group of voice), two line
serial mode, and Loop play mode(after power on ,the module will play loop, with memory function in the mode) They are
optional. Customers can choose one of the modes in a module. Also can be customized.

MP3 mode: With play/stop, next , previous, vol+,vol- functions

Key mode(3 group of voice): One key trigger one group of voice,and with vol-, and vol+ . all keys’ default trigger modes
are edge retrigger

Key mode(5 group of voice): One key trigger one group of voice, trigger mode can be follows: 1. All keys are edge
retrigger. 2.All keys are ON/OFF (voice will not cycle after finished) 3.All keys are ON/OFF(voice will cycle after

Loop play mode: After power on , it will play the voices automatically . it doesn’t need to tirgger the I/O . and with memory
function(when you playing voice 2, power was cut off,next time power on it will start from voice 2 or voice 3.



¦ Support 1GB SD card max. or SPI flash 64MB max.
¦ Support 4 Bit ADCPM format files.
¦ Sampling rate from 6kHZ to 36KHZ for AD4 voice format.
¦ Sampling rate from 6KHz~16KHz for WAV voice format
¦ 16 Bit DAC / PWM audio output.
¦ Key mode,MP3 mode and two line serial mode are optional .Can choose one of them
¦ Copy voice files to SD card by PC.
¦ Working voltage: DC2.7~3.5V
¦ Quiescent current:: 3uA


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